White House-Directed Intelligence Review Still Not Provided

National news media has focused on the thousands of pages of pretrial discovery that was recently provided to the Hasan Defense Team. The real story, of course, is not what has been provided – but rather, what is still being withheld. The most significant requested evidence relates to the Presidential-directed intelligence review; the classified portion of the Togo-West investigation at Fort Hood; the DOD-directed investigation of senior officers at Walter Reed; and the complete law enforcement and intelligence reports related to alleged communications between the Defendant and the Yemini cleric now on a Presidentially approved shoot-to-kill list.

Both senior US Senators and the Hasan Defense Team have been deprived of this important evidence that has already been made available to the prosecution. Senators Lieberman and Collins earlier correctly characterized the government inaction as “stone-walling” – but now, given the passage of time, the prosecution’s nondislosure is even more invidious and prejudicial to any semblance of a pretrial hearing. Senators Lieberman and Collins should proceed with the threatened contempt action against a defiant White House, Department of Defense, and Department of Justice.