Drone Attacks – Innocent Bystanders Are Killed. Are They Just Collateral Damage Or Is It Murder?

 The Predator War – by Jane Mayer

The first two C.I.A. air strikes of the Obama Administration took place on the morning of January 23rd – the President’s third day in office.  Within hours, it was clear that the morning’s bombings, inPakistan, had killed an estimated twenty people.  In one strike, four ARabs, all likely affiliated with Al Qaeda, died.  But in the second strike a drone targeted the wrong house, hitting the residence of a pro-government tribal leader six miles outside the town of Wana, in South Waziristan.  The blast killed the tribal leader’s entire family, including three children, one of them five years old.  In keeping with U.S. policy, there was no official acknowledgment of either strike.


US Drone Strike Destroys House Full of Children in Pakistan

The combined toll from the blast was 20 people killed, with at least four women and three children among the slain.  At least 13 other civilians were also reported wounded, including a number of other children.