Are They Afraid of What He Might Say? US Army Won’t Let the Hasan Defense Team Question General Cone!

Let’s not forget, Lieutenant General Cone was the Commanding General of III Corps and Fort Hood on 5 November 2009.  Shortly after the tragic shooting incident, LTG Cone met and participated with the Commander-in-Chief Barak Hussein Obama in the memorial service at Fort Hood.  Both LTG Cone and President Barack Hussein Obama addressed the attendees.  Subsequently, LTG Cone directed a Survey of all personnel – civilian and military – at Fort Hood, attempting to determine if and/or how the events of 5 November may have affected them.  

Against this background, it is incredulous that Colonel Morgan M. Lamb, a mid-level commander in the chain of command could determine, as he did on 26 February 10, that there was “no probable relevance or necessity of LTG Cone’s testimony.”   Query – did Colonel Lamb attend the memorial service himself?  What communications, if any, has he had with the Commanding General concerning this case? 

This matter highlights the difficulty presented when low-level commanders are asked to make decisions that could significantly impact on their  superior officers.  Clearly, military authorities superior in rank to LTG Cone need to weigh in and reverse this senseless decision.

5 thoughts on “Are They Afraid of What He Might Say? US Army Won’t Let the Hasan Defense Team Question General Cone!”

  1. Sir:

    It would be a pleasure to read and follow your blog as the case for Maj. Hasan unfolds. That said, I find it disturbing that you refer to our president and, by extension as a retired military professional, commander-in-chief as “Barak Hussein Obama.” This seems to show your political subjectivity and does little to secure your credibility as an objective professional tasked with defending a man who many already view as an unhinged jihadist who should be summarily executed. Maj. Hasan deserves his day in court, but by misspelling the president’s name and insisting on repeating his middle name, you appear to be of the same mind as Maj. Hasan and his fellow compatriot terrorists. Perhaps you are, but I’m not sure that will help in the defense of your client, either in the court of public opinion or in the judicial system.

    In other words, sir, please show some respect and refer to him as President Obama, President Barack Obama, or simply the President.

    In the meantime, I hope our government will be forthcoming with materials and witnesses during your team’s discovery phase.

  2. Did your client willfully shoot and kill 13 people? Yes. That is all that needs to be said about the subject. That single fact is the case – cut and dried.

    And, while your attempt to divert attention from this fundamental question-and-answer might be explained under the guise of “defense attorney,” this blog that you have created seems, at best, more set to call attention to yourself – a shameless act of self-promotion – rather than raising any information that might alter that basic, aforementioned fact.

    Don’t waste the public’s time or money by dragging out this case so that you can achieve the level of fame that you, apparently, as evidenced by this blog, feel you deserve. Your client is a murderer. You know it, and so does the rest of the world. Stop trying to market yourself and claim your “fifteen minutes of fame” off of the deaths of the unfortunate souls who were at the wrong end of your client’s weapon.

  3. I am disgusted by your statements that the US Military is somehow trying to stonewall your defense of an obviosly guilty man. This man walks in and kills scores of soldiers when they are most vulnerabl and unarmed. As a former soldier ( once stationed at Ft. Hood ) I as do Im sure a great deal of Americans, have nothing but hatred for this man. He will be found guilty and he will receive the death penalty. If you think this murderous, vile existance deserves chance at a long life then you sir are in denial. You are disallusioned and I hope that the Judge in the case finds that this blog violates his orders and forces some sense of discipline apon your otherwise arrogent behavior. Hasan deserves to die. No matter what he has to say nothing will take from the fact that he opened fire on unarmed soldiers in an attempt to kill as many as he could before he himself was slain. That proves intent and will allow for a capital punishment.
    P.S. This blog is and I believe you know this, will only stir more emotions within the community you intend to reach. I think you are intentionally trying to make it as though he can’t get a fair hearing. I hope as I said earlier that a judge reads this and assigns some punishment towards you and your defense.

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