Army Execution Procedures – By The Reg

Army Execution Procedures – By The Reg

Chapter 3

Execution Procedures

3–1. General

Military executions will be by lethal injection.

3–2. Execution by lethal injection


The execution is conducted by means of continuous intravenous administration of a lethal substance, or substances,

in a quantity sufficient to cause death. All lethal substances, or residue thereof, remaining after completion of

the execution will be disposed of appropriately.


The condemned prisoner will be moved from his cell to the execution area prior to the execution with a time

duration limited to the minimum amount of time absolutely necessary to prepare the prisoner for execution.

(1) The condemned prisoner will be placed on the execution table and restrained by means of appropriate fasteners

to ensure safety and security of the prisoner and EWT personnel.

(2) Once the prisoner is secured to the table, the Execution Team will insert a large–bore intravenous channel into

an appropriate vein, assure the flow of a normal saline solution, and connect the condemned prisoner to the

electrocardiograph machine.

(3) The execution area will be cleared of all nonessential personnel. At that time, the execution area will be opened

and made visible to all assembled witnesses.

(4) Those personnel approved to witness the execution will be escorted from the witness assembly area to the

witness viewing rooms prior to the opening of the execution area. Witnesses arriving after others have been escorted to

the witness viewing rooms will normally not be permitted to enter or view the execution. Once in the viewing area, all

witnesses will receive a final briefing on the specifics of the procedure they are about to observe and the behavior and

decorum expected. Those who cannot maintain the expected level of behavior will be removed.


At no time will media representatives conduct interviews of witnesses while congregated in the witness assembly

or viewing areas.


At the time designated for the execution, the CMDT, USDB, will read aloud the charge or charges, the finding

of the court, the sentence, and the execution orders. The CMDT, USDB will then order the execution to begin.


Following the CMDT’s reading of documents in (b), above, the execution team will administer the lethal agents.


The execution team will monitor vital signs and notify the CMDT, USDB, when no vital signs remain. The

CMDT, USDB, will then announce that the execution is completed. At that time all persons, including the witnesses,

will leave the viewing area, except those designated members of the EWT responsible for removal of the body.


A senior medical officer, appointed by TSG, will certify death and provide a report of death at the morgue or

medical facility.


The senior medical officer will notify the Fort Leavenworth Casualty Office of the prisoner’s death. Persons

authorized to direct disposition may designate the Army to provide the mortuary benefits.