Army To Pay Bell County $207,000 For 6-Months Jail Space

The US Army executed a contract with the Bell County Commissioners Court which provides for housing Major Hasan in the Bell County Jail.  The cost: $206,796.30 for the brief term of 183 days .  Thereafter, the contract will have to be renegotiated.

The expenditure is a financial windfall for Bell County, but it serves no legitimate governmental purpose.  The Defendant is not a flight risk and his confinee status while at the Brooke Army Medical Center  (BAMC) has not presented any problems.  Indeed, the safety and security of Major Hasan could have, for far less cost, been achieved by housing him in Darnell Hospital or in unoccupied billeting at Fort Hood.  More disturbing, the contract does not adequate provide for Major Hasan’s continuing serious medical problems and the Bell County Jail Infirmary is not properly equipped or staffed to handle his unique medical and rehabilitation needs.  In short, Major Hasan should continue to be in a hospital, not a jail.

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