Article 32 Discovery Deadline Looms – But The Army Remains Unresponsive

Since the Article 32 Investigating Officer issued his discovery and scheduling deadlines, the US Army has been silent.  The Hasan Defense Team is still missing FBI reports and classified materials related to the White House directed intelligence investigation; the restricted/classified portion of former Secretary of the Army Togo West’s report; and the DOD-directed investigation of senior Walter Reed officials.  No reason has been provided for the failure to provide this relevant evidence.   Of course, senior US Senators Lieberman and Collins are also awaiting a response to their Senate subpoena for similar materials.  Sadly, more information about this case is available through national news media outlets and the Internet than thru military justice channels. 

Why is the US Army hiding the ball?   Why does the US Army refuse to release this evidence to the US Senate or to the Hasan Defense Team? 

At this juncture, it seems reasonable to ask – it the US Army refusal to accord Major Hasan proper pretrial discovery because he is Muslim?

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