Did Senators Lieberman & Collins Cave to DoD/DoJ Pressure?

Did Senators Lieberman & Collins Cave to DoD/DoJ Pressure?

Did you notice the national media has been virtually silent about the earlier reported stand-off between Senior US Senators Lieberman and Collins with respect to disclosure of evidence related to the Hasan case.   In several cameo appearances, both Senators voiced their strong condemnation of DOD/DOJ “stone-walling” and baseless reasons for not honoring Senate subpoenas.  Indeed, they even threatened to pursue contempt proceedings.

So …… what happened?  Was this all just part of a controlled media spin on this important issue?  Did the Senators subserviently agree to accept whatever information DoD and DoJ was willing to release?  It seems so. 

The word on the street is that the Senators did fold tent – apparently they are happy to receive backroom briefings and partial evidence disclosures rather than confront the Obama Administration directly about this matter. 

Against this background, is there any doubt as to why the Hasan Defense Team is still not in receipt of the same evidence that was requested by the Senators?  Evidence that has been in the hands of the prosecutors?  Apparently, this Administration has closed ranks and is opposed to any disclosures which they have acknowledged will be of assistance to the defense . . . . and, of course, they style the refusal as in terms of “jeopardizing the prosecution.”  

However viewed, it is a sad reflection on this Administration and its agents in DoD and DoJ.  We have long suspected that the Hasan prosecution is being run out of Washington – and this continued nondisclosure to the Hasan Defense and apparent deal with the Senators is just further evidence of that fact!