DOD & Army Prosecutors Continue to Deny Discovery

The Hasan Defense continues to be denied discovery of some of the most important evidence in the prosecution files, e.g. the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files; the FOUO annex to the Togo West 45-day investigation conducted at Fort Hood; White House Security Advisor John Brennan’s intelligence report; General Ham’s investigation of senior military personnel at Walter Reed Medical Center; correspondence, emails, and memoranda between senior Fort Hood officials and DOD/White House officials, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Oftentimes, it appears that more information is available in national news media outlets and via Google internet searches than has been received in the course of regular discovery. 

Today, DOD answered the US Senate subpoenas for information in a matter that can be fairly characterized as contemptuous.  Click Here – Hasan – DOD Subpoena Response

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