Illegal Wars?

Illegal Wars?

Law Professors Testify on Behalf of U.S. Service Members who Refuse to Deploy and Assert that Iraq/Afghanistan War(s) Illegal Under U.S. and International Law.

First Lieutenant Ehren K. Watada’s hearing: University of Illinois Professor of international law Francis Boyle, former United Nations Undersecretary Denis Halliday, and Army Colonel Ann Wright (ret.) all asserted that the war was illegal.

Government asked Law Professor if Every Soldier in the Army Who Had Deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan or Supported the Occupation from the States were Party to War Crimes:  “She Answered Honestly”

Army Sergeant Matthis Chiroux’s hearing: Prof. Marjorie Cohn, the President of the National Lawyers Guild, “…gave the most thorough, detailed, understandable and spot-on breakdown of the illegalities of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan [at Army Sergeant Matthis Chiroux’s hearing]… She focused on the U.N. Charter, the Geneva Conventions, the Nuremburg Tribunals, U.S. Federal and Constitutional law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice… She spoke about some very hard subjects, and when the ‘government’ asked if she thought every Soldier in the Army who had deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan or supported the occupations from the states were a party to war crimes, she answered honestly.”

Is Bush’s War Illegal?
Let Us Count the Ways:  by Professor Francis Boyle

Afghanistan: The Other Illegal War:  by Prof. Marjorie Cohn

The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan was every bit as illegal as the invasion of Iraq. Why, then, do so many Americans see it as justifiable?

Was The Iraq War Legal, Or Illegal, Under International Law?  (By Evan Augustine Peterson III, J.D.)

“Among the world’s foremost experts in the field of international law, the overwhelming jurisprudential consensus is that the Anglo-American invasion, conquest, and occupation of Iraq constitute three phases of one illegal war of aggression….  Moreover, these experts in the international law of war deem both preventive wars and preemptive strikes to be euphemistic subcategories of outlawed wars of aggression…. And the experts’ answer would hold true regardless of whether their governing legal authority was: (A) the UN Security Council Resolutions that were passed to implement the conflict-resolution provisions of the UN Charter; or (B) prior treaties and juridical holdings which have long since become general international law….”
Iraq war was illegal, Dutch panel rules

‘“This is the authoritative view of seven commissioners including the former president of the Dutch Supreme Court, a former judge of the European court of justice, and two legal academics.’”

War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal

‘“They’re just not interested in international law, are they?” said Linda Hugl, a spokeswoman for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, which launched a high court challenge to the war’s legality last year. “It’s only when the law suits them that they want to use it.’”