Kill or Capture – Presidential Ordered Assassination of a Material Witness: How Will It Impact On The Hasan Trial? Will the coverup continue?

The attached article from CAIR raises imporpant constitutional issues associated with the drone attack on An-Awlaki and others in his entourage.  Sadly, the national media has not yet focused on these important underlying legal issues.

However, tt should be no surprise – the US Army has been noticeably silent on the important due process issues related to this CINC-approved killing.  No wonder they did not favorably respond to early defense requested disclosure for information related to Anwar Al-Awlaki.

However viewed, the President’s approved killing  of Anwar Al-Awlaki will prove to be an important issue in Major Hasan’s upcoming trial.  I suspect the Fort Hood PAO is running around in circles by now – but expect them to provide anything other than a prosecution-approved announcement….. the story and coverrup continues….. Get ready for some serious pretrial litigation!!!!!

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