New Rules Impede Pretrial Access

During a recent visit with Major Hasan, Defense Counsel were confronted with newly established “Visitation Rules’ which were clearly implemented for the Hasan case only.  Apparently, US Army officials were upset that a recent photograph of Major Hasan was circulating the internet and in national news media.  Defense Counsel took the photo at issue.  The photo was in good taste and certainly more proper than the “booking photo” that was earlier being used by journalists.  Anyway, Army officials are upset and they responded by imposing the following restriction to attorney-client visits:

Cell phones, photographic equipment, recording devices, weapons, aerosols, food, drink are unauthorized during visitation.  Legal paperwork and laptops with photographic and recording devices placed in the non-operational mode are authorized upon search for the purpose of legal counsel only.

      To ensure appropriate dignity and respect is accorded to Major Hasasn, the Defense Team has requested US Army officials at Fort Hood  to arrange for taking an updated official photograph.  Wonder how long it might take to get this simple task accomplished?  Just wait and see….

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