Prosecutors Oppose Art 32 Delay And Delay Action on Defense Mitigation Specialist

Prosecutors have voiced objection to anything more than a one-week continuance in the Article 32 hearing which is now scheduled to commence on 1 June.  They appear uncaring about that fact that the new member of the Defense Team is not expected to arrive at Fort Hood for several more months or the fact that basic discovery associated with the case (e.g. FBI reports and classified/restricted investigations) still have not been provided to the Defense counsel.  Most disturbing, the Army continues to stonewall Defense efforts to get its requested mitigation specialist on board.  In its most recent statement about this issue, the prosecutors have argued, “The Government notes that as the present case has not been referred to any level of court-martial, the defense is not presently entitled to a government funded mitigation specialist as a matter of right.”   It is time for them to stop playing games.  Dilatory actions like this is what gives military justice a bad rep – fundamental fairness and a balanced presentation of evidence apparently is of no concern to this crop of prosecutors.

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