Questions The White House, Pentagon, And Fort Hood PAO Won’t Answer –

Question 1:  What is the total cost to date for the prosecution of Major Nidal Hasan?

Answer: __________________ ? (Hint – we know it’s millions)

Question 2: What is the status of the $750 million-plus FTCA lawsuit against the Army?

Answer: ___________________?

Question 3:  What is the personnel cost associated with the multi-attorney prosecution ‘kill team” who have been assigned to work on this case only?

Answer: _________________?

Question 4: What has been the cost of incarcerating Major Hasan in the Bell County Jail? (Hint: Estimates excess $500,000)

Answer: _________________?

Question 5: What has been the cost of the Defense mitigation specialist?

Answer: _________________? (Estimates approach $480,000.00)

Question 6: Why did the US Army deny funding for a Defense requrested physiatrist?

Answer: __________________?

Question  7: What did it cost to remodel and electronically outfit the courtroom at the Larry Williams Judicial Center?

Answer: __________________?

Question 8: Will the Army recommend payment of damages to the alleged victims who have filed suit under the FTCA?

Answer: __________________?

Question 9: Why has the Army not publically disclosed the court-martial convening orders in this case?  Aren’t they public documents and available in all other courts-martial at Fort Hood?

Answer: __________________?

Stay Tuned – More Questions To Follow

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