Senators Lieberman & Collins Share Hasan Defense Frustration!!!

Senators Lieberman & Collins Share Hasan Defense Frustration!!!

As many readers know, the Hasan Defense Team has now for many months requested disclosure of material and important information associated with the law enforcement investigation in this important case.  But repeatedly, the Hasan Defense Team has ben stymied in its reasonable efforts to get access to this information – i.e., associated investigations; the classified inquiries directed by the White House and others; and even, yes, a complete copy of  the DOD-directed investigation. 

While the Hasan Defense Team has been held in the dark, it now appears that senior Congressional officials have suffered a similar fate.  Just today, senior Senators Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins expressed their frustration about how “the administration has prevented us . . . . from getting access to the information that [we] need to effectively carry out our constitutional role.”  

Thank you, Senators Lieberman and Collins for reinforcing what the Hasan Defense Team has consistently been complaining about since December.  We agree with the Senators in condemning the government response has been “inadequate and unreasonable.”  We agree with the Senators’ public statement, reported in national news media (see Hasan – Lieberman Threatens Subpoena) that there has been “much foot-dragging, very limited assistance, and changing reasons why the administration cannot provide us with the information that we have requested.”       

Senators Lieberman and Collins – Thank Y0u – indeed, the Hasan Defense Team has been voicing the same complaints to senior US Army officials at Fort Hood, as well as with the special appointed US Army prosecutors.   But, like you, they have been unresponsive and we too have been left in the dark.  

Senator Collins complains that she finds particularly “disturbing” that the same requested information has been “given to three groups that have been conducting investigations on the administrations’ behalf.” Senator Collins can rest assured that no information has been provided to the Hasan Defense Team. Like Senators Lieberman and Collins- well. we too, have been deprived of proper discovery and, like here and others, been left in the dark. 

The Senators look for information, now long overdue.  By comparison, the Hasan Defense Team simply looks for a a fair hearing and trial.  It appears, however, that neither of our objectives will be served by the current Administration or specially designated prosecutors in the Hasan case.   The evidence continues to mount that Major Hasan is not being treated fairly. 

From this blog site – Thank You!