Senators Lieberman & Collins Are Silent – Did They Cave To DOD Pressure?

The national news media is noticeably silent as to the standoff between  Senators Lieberman and Collins regarding the earlier issued Senate subpoenas requesting evidence associated with the Hasan case.  The word on the street is that these senior Senators are agreeing to compromise for some alternative system of briefing from DOD personnel. 

Meanwhile, US Army prosecutors at Fort Hood have similarly remained silent and unresponsive to Hasan Defense Team discovery demands.  Virtually no additional pretrial discovery disclosures have been made since the “midnight dump” that was made shortly before the initial Article 32 session.  Defense requests for reinstatement of security clearances and disclosure of classified information remain unanswered. 

However viewed, US Army prosecutors and the Obama Administration remain fully engaged in ‘hide the ball’ tactics and represent a historical low-point in military justice matters.

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