Spotlight: John Galligan, attorney for the Fort Hood shooting suspect….

by Paul A. Romer
Published: December 27, 2009
John P. Galligan, a retired Army colonel and former military judge, was retained by the family of the man suspected of killing 13 people on Fort Hood in November. Earlier this month, he gave an interview on the Lynn Wooley Show in Temple. Mitch Green Telegram
BELTON – Defense attorney John Galligan accepted an invitation to represent Maj. Nidal Hasan, accused Fort Hood shooter, while the military community here was still teeming with emotion after the Nov. 5 shootings. 

Even before President Barack Obama flew into Fort Hood for the memorial service for 12 dead soldiers and one civilian, Galligan had already been doing what the military trained him to do during his 30-year career. He was working on behalf of his client.

He was undeterred when he appeared on national news talk programs and absorbed barbed remarks from commentators. He always stayed on his message that he was representing Hasan because every soldier deserves a fair trial.

His words from an NPR broadcast reached Mark Trautwein, his former roommate at Georgetown University, where he earned an undergraduate degree in foreign relations. Trautwein said after hearing his old friend’s voice he felt compelled to write Galligan even though the two had not spoken in more than 35 years

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