The Army Doesn’t Want to Kill One Of Its Own Unless He Is Clean-Shaven – Read The Brief And Laugh

The Army openly invites the Court to consider the fact that no associated civil suit has been filed in Federal Court on the forced shave issue.  See the footnote in the attached brief which hightlights:

Petitioner’s  request for a religious exemption to the uniform regulation, and petitioner has not challenged that decision in federal court.  JA at 127.

It was earlier reported that Major Hasan had retained civilian counsel to represent him in the FISA issue formerly pending Federal Court (Western District of Texas).   Perhaps that same counsel will now follow up on this issue since his role thus far in the FISA suit has amounted to little more than a Notice of Appearance. . . . . Let’s wait and see.


Prosecution Brief For A Forced Shave

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