The Obama-Gates Plan – Hide The Ball and Help Prosecutors

The Obama-Gates Plan – Hide The Ball and Help Prosecutors

Confronted with long overdue Senatorial requests for information and now faced with the threat of subpoenas being issued next week, President Barack Hussein Obama and his minions are frantically attempting to placate US Senators and the public-at-large.   They are doing a poor  job!

As readers already know, US Senators Lieberman and Collins have requested access to the same information that the Hasan Defense Team has been demanding since December 09.  Sadly, the esteemed Senators and Hasan Defense Team members have been stymied in their efforts to secure disclosure of this information.  Indeed, the Washington Post article cited below,  characterizes Commander in Chief’s obstinance in no uncertain terms, i.e. “stonewalling in requests for access to FBI agents, documents or Hasan’s personnel file from the Defense Department.”

Nondisclosure to the Hasan Defense Team and to the US Senators violates every sense of fairness.  As stated in the Washington Post article, “The [Obama] . . . . administration “wants to avoid a barrage of defense lawyer requests that could force the government to reveal information it wants to save for a criminal trial.” 

Just who is playing games?  The Distinguished US Senators?  The Hasan Defense Team?  Or the Army-Obama Administration?    Readers certainly should not fault the Hasan Defense Team for requesting the same information solicited by these US Senators. 

Within the next several weeks, developments on these important matters will determine whether  a fair  military justice proceeding can be had in the Hasan case.  “Administration lawyers” – not otherwise identified – are said to have argued, “Disclosure of some of the material . . . . could compromise the pending prosection.”    Have they forgotten that the Defense is entitled to pretrial discovery?   

Against this background, it appears that nobody in this Administration or at Fort Hood care about conducting fair proceedings.  We therefore hope these valiant US Senators will stand by their word and issue their subpoenas on Monday!  Our right to a fair trial is at stake.