Why Has The Army Delayed Release of Classified Information???

  • Months ago, the Hasan Defense Team requested release of the classified report stemming from the White House-directed intelligence review and the classified portion of the DOD-directed 45-day investigation at Fort Hood. 
  • To date, neither of the important documents have been provided to the Defense!  Why?  What are they hiding?

10 thoughts on “Why Has The Army Delayed Release of Classified Information???”

  1. So instead of defending him based on the evidence you have begun a media campaign aimed at smearing officials? There is no defense for what he did. The son of a bitch is lucky that Iwasn’t still stationed there when the shootings occured or he wouldn’t have even made it to trial.

  2. Are you really sure you were once a soldier? I appreciate due process and justice as much as anyone, but this guy “allegedly” murdered 13 people in cold blood…people who had dedicated their lives to serving a country you claim to love. If you get your way, this cretin will walk. Is that what you really want? Tell that to the families of the victims. You disgust me with your sanctimonious crap. Do you ever lose sleep over this case? Do you give a shit about anyone else involved (dead or alive) but Hasan? Give us all a break. Just don’t call yourself a soldier anymore…we don’t believe it.

  3. Dear Terrorist sympathizer,

    Keep your trap shut. Don’t complain about what YOUR US Army does to protect your rights. And just shut up and do your job with this terrorist and let him pay for act of terrorism against this country that her perpetrated as Muslim extremist.

    Good day.

  4. Are you serious? There’s no question of your clients guilt. He was seen by so many shooting the innocent victims and by the police officer who shot him. He is a terrorist and deserves no less than the death penalty. You will receive no sympathy from the citizens of this country with this blog.

  5. Probably because it’s CLASSIFIED information. Come on! Your a retired officer…I would suspect with a TS clearance or better. You want classified information released for this? As a retired member myself, I have zero sympathy for your client, or the cause he and you represent. Obviously the oath that you both took meant/means nothing to either of you. People like you are the reason that this country has such an expectation of entitlement. You of all people should understand that Freedom is not Free, and I personally hope your client receives the maximum imposable punishment under the UCMJ.

  6. Nothing is showing up because they dropped the ball in detecting his mental state. BUT that does not excuse the horrific crime he commited! He could have went AWOL , hid out in any Islamic area he wanted to or shoot himself. I do not feel sorry for him or the condition that he is in now. I hate the fact that he is being provided extended medical care due to his paralysis.

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