Will Senators Lieberman & Collins Stand Up For Full Disclosure?

The American public anxiously awaits the decision of senior Senators Lieberman and Collins who earlier threatened to initiate contempt proceedings if Secretary of Defense Gates and Attorney General Holder did not disclose important information earlier subpoenaed.  These respected Senators imposed a deadline of 2 June, 1030 hours. However, there have been no public announcements as to whether or not DOD and DOJ will continue in open defiance of the subpoenas or whether the good Senators will hold true to their threatened contempt proceedings. 

Contrary to any assertion that the Administration is transparent on this important issue,   readers are reminded to remember Secretary Gate’s earlier stated objective – ” We have no interest in hiding anything, but what’s most important is this prosecution.”  

Okay, so we know that Sec Def wants to help the prosecution.  But where does that leave us with respect to his position regarding proper pretrial disclosure, due process, and a fair trial?  

Hopefully, Senators Lieberman and Collins will not buckle under tremendous Administration pressure to prevent disclosure of this important evidence.

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